„The foreigner is only foreign in the foreign land.“ Karl Valentin
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Steigenberger Hotel

Munich, Germany

Just like the city: eccentric and lovable at the same time. Our design for the interior of the new Steigenberger Hotel in Schwabing. From reception to guest rooms, from naming to construction management.

Robust materials like blazed natural stone from the Alps, abrasively brushed oak surfaces, pure copper sheet, leather and loden are reminiscent of the Bavarian down-to earth nature. Modern production technologies as a reference to the technology location Munich: two-dimensional wood surfaces are turned into prism-type wood-paneled walls, a wire mesh fence becomes an oversized lace doily due to artistic weaving.

Typical Bavarian elements like the floral patterns of dirndls or lederhosen are interpreted in a new and modern manner and applied on wooden, textile or glass surfaces by means of direct printing. Blue and white color shades in the restaurant “Lumen” are a reminiscence of the praised white-blue Bavarian sky. In the “Valentinum” bar an extravagant special feature – the walk-in beer crystal with its spectacular lighting mood – is placed, which is a tribute to the Bavarian tradition of beer brewing. Also in the spa area, the guests can enjoy the brewery flair: oversized brew kettles and beer barrels provide for an unusual implementation of the wellness topic.

„The foreigner is only foreign in the foreign land.“
Karl Valentin
© Rüdiger Kohl | Steigenberger Hotels AG
Steigenberger Hotel
Steigenberger Hotel
period 2015-2017
service Design and implementation of guest areas
construction measures Expansion and extension of the gastronomy
scope 272 hotel rooms, 9 suites, restaurant, spa and public areas

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