„Tradition is not the adoration of ashes, but passing on the fire.“ Gustav Mahler
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Hotel Jungbrunn restaurants & junior suites

Tannheim, Austria

Blood, soul and a touch of GEPLAN DESIGN. In the Gutzeitort, we reinvent the Tyrolean style for restaurant and junior suites, and let them breathe fresh and modern air. Arriving, being at home, able to let everything go, and enjoy Tyrolean flair and specialties. This is made sure by the two restaurants “Jungbrunn Grill” and “Jankerstube” as well as the junior suite “Abendrot”. This is where Tyrolean soul meet laid-back coziness.

In the “Jungbrunn Grill”, body & soul are taken care of with a rustic, cozy ambience. Generosity and wood that runs from the curved walls into the ceiling and shapes an enveloping character are the dominating features. The particularity: The open grill in the middle of the room allowing the guests to watch the preparation of their food. Crackling fireplaces, candlelight and ancient wood, on the other hand, characterize the “Jankerstube“, where Tyrolean specialties are served.

In the junior suite, we have put great store by creating a healthy atmosphere of the room. This is made possible thanks to stone pine wood and a natural hay wallpaper at the rear wall of the bed. An eyecatcher is the mountain silhouette milled into the rear side of the bed. From the bed, guests have a gigantic view onto the valley, which is also granted from the bathtub and the shower. Thanks to Rauriser Granite, the generous bathroom comes across as elementary and powerful.

„Tradition is not the adoration of ashes, but passing on the fire.“
Gustav Mahler
© Janis Rozkalns | © Hotel Jungbrunn
Hotel Jungbrunn restaurants & junior suites
Hotel Jungbrunn restaurants & junior suites
period 2014-2015
service Overall concept, design and implementation
construction measures Conversion and extension
scope 2 restaurants, junior suites “Abendrot”

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