„Fashion fades, only style remains the same.“ Coco Chanel
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WeberHaus architectural villa

Rheinau, Germany

The Excellent Challenge – a villa with powerful radiance, emotion and elegance.

For its 60th anniversary, market leader WeberHaus chose GEPLAN DESIGN as its partner for interior design and creativity. The WeberHaus Villa shows what a prefabricated house can do in all its individuality – and does not even have to hide away from the highly praised topic of architectural house. For, it IS an architectural house! With a lot of emotion, mainly, however, with systematic thinking from the inside out, our team developed a house that is surprisingly structured in its interior architecture. Extravagant, but harmonious feeling of living included.

A cubic supply block links all functional units within the house across the two levels. Here, we think big, and strategically in detail, and profit from our efficient hotel-oriented thinking. In the room, the cube is an organic element, without corners and edges, in a velvety-matt, natural wooden surface – even without any visible door reveals. Floor-to-ceiling secret doors optically disappear in the wall. Without any cases and frames. After all, one still likes to work meticulously in technical areas in Stuttgart – huge, celebrating joie de vivre is added.

For this reason, GEPLAN DESIGN therefore chose regional-international interior design icons as cooperation partners for the decor: Rolf Benz and Walter Knoll.

„Fashion fades, only style remains the same.“
Coco Chanel
© Constantin Meyer
WeberHaus architectural villa
WeberHaus architectural villa
period 2019-2020
service Overall conception, conceptual design and implementation
construction measures New construction
scope 330 m² living space

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