„Amazement is a longing for knowledge.“ Francis Bacon
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Vector Academy

Stuttgart, Germany

Well-thought-out presentation ecology to think about

How about being able to outline one’s ideas and processes anywhere in the room? To think outside the box and be able to literally touch and carry away the audience? Form follows function defines the new training rooms and thus the quality of the instructors’ training in the International Vector-Academy of the global IT players in Weilimdorf. But this form is cast in one piece, shows sophisticated craftsmanship and pure aesthetics. The white walls appear to be seamless and all of them are “writeable”. The circumferential handle strips made of velvety oak, artfully milled, host whiteboard pens and open invisible doors. Two projectors are standard. The rooms are flexibly divisible. Together with Walter Knoll, we designed the tables according to the requirements of Vector. To the company, “knowledge“ is the number 1 driving force – we are glad to create the best and thought-supporting environment. “One could call the three-dimensional real-wood surface everywhere in the circumferential spaces ‘organic networking’ … seating niches allow for retreat and recovery. The inner courtyard is inspiringly integrated in the architecture and a plant concept adds life – up to the even “quieter places” in the water closets. This is what beautiful life-long learning looks like.

„Amazement is a longing for knowledge.“
Francis Bacon
© David Franck
Vector Academy
Vector Academy
period 2017-2020
service Overall conception, conceptual design and implementation
construction measures Extension and conversion
scope Training rooms, kitchenettes and public areas

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