„Tradition has to be lived and shaped.“ Thorsten Troschka
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Hotel Jungbrunn suite Milk & Honey

Tannheim, Austria

The name says it all: Milk and honey as the design theme. On 97 sqm, the guests benefit from a unique ambience and a breath-taking panoramic view across the Tannheimer Tal: Traditional wood carvings on the wall and loden features give the room a distinctive charm.

A comb-like wall covering made of pine and spruce wood with a honey-colored illumination in the living and dining areas creates a feeling of security and has a cocooning effect. Clay walls make for a healthy indoor climate. Consciously placed white highlights are in contrast with the waste wood, the dark floor and the glossy fittings, which form the framework of the design. The materials used and the beautiful surroundings are reflected in the surfaces with their black piano finish. When choosing the materials, we made a point of using natural materials like wool, felt and waste wood. Just like with the fine wall-to-wall carpet that radiates warmth and coziness. These materials are combined with modern furniture and lamps like, for instance, the creamy white design lamps in the shape of cow bells above the dining room table, whose traditional background was transformed into a contemporary design.

„Tradition has to be lived and shaped.“
Thorsten Troschka
© Hotel Jungbrunn
Hotel Jungbrunn suite Milk & Honey
Hotel Jungbrunn suite Milk & Honey
period 2016-2017
service Concept, design and implementation
construction measures Conversion
scope Suite Milk & Honey (approx. 80 sqm)

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