„My definition of a good hotel is a place where I would stay.“ Robert de Niro
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b´mine Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt, Germany

The b´mine Frankfurt Airport lies in the newly redesigned quarter “Gateway Gardens” and with its unique room concepts is a business hotel of a different kind. In 40 of 241 modular rooms – the CarLofts – arrival with one’s own vehicle via CarLift up to the room entrance on the 10th floor is possible. The b´mine was designed “from inside out”, which for us meant an extraordinary freedom of planning, so that an efficient space utilization and a modular layout of the rooms could be developed. Apart from the design of the rooms – there are three different types of rooms altogether – we also designed the lobby, the event area as well as the restaurant and the wellness and fitness area.

The individual design of the 160 standard rooms, the Smart Rooms, with only 14 square meters each, was a special challenge. Here, we realized an “ideal-typical” layout:This is about letting a sense of tranquility and vastness emerge in the smaller rooms as well, and at the same time inspire with the appeal of “tiny living”. With clever solutions, such as “open” furniture, the modern interpretation of the alcove and the zoning of the rooms by means of textile elements, a very special feel-good atmosphere resulted that makes one forget stress and hectic.

Project SkyLoft b´mine Frankfurt Airport
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„My definition of a good hotel is a place where I would stay.“
Robert de Niro
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b´mine Frankfurt Airport
b´mine Frankfurt Airport
period 2020-2022
service Layout development, room type concept, space development, public areas
construction measures New construction
scope 241 rooms, thereof 40 CarLofts, conference floor, restaurant and lobby

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