„Design is not just how it looks and how it feels. Design is how well it works.“ Steve Jobs
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XAIO - eXperience All In One

Nagold, Germany

A “space-saver”, a “rethink and sleep space” is the result of the latest collaboration between Rolf Benz CONTRACT and our team. We proudly present Rolf Benz XAIO. Made in Germany, it is the first product, which we have realized with the upholstery experts from the Black Forest.

High-quality, space-structuring, and conceptually sophisticated is the new modular object: a high-quality upholstered headboard that protectively embraces its guests, and thanks to its matching side sections offers them a bedside table, a shelf, a comfortable seat or a relaxed sofa area. An “allrounder”. Sleep well, work hard, chill and relax – XAIO allows for an eXperience All In One. Thus, XAIO meets the needs of contemporary travelers in an ideal manner and combines all requirements of a modern hotel room all in one. XAIO can be optionally completed with a luxurious bed made by Rolf Benz Contract or with other hotel beds.

The planning-related requirements for beds in the hospitality industry are also fully met by XAIO. It offers the possibility of integrating the electrical installation in the headboard. With its upholstered, enveloping form it also meets soundproofing requirements. The central section can be chosen from three widths, heights and depths. The side sections are just as adaptable, with or without armrest, left or right, anything is possible.

The light developed in cooperation with Baulmann disposes of a top-class directional cone of non-dazzle light. Switch and plug systems come from the Jung Group and can also be chosen in various surface colors. In order to best possibly accentuate the soft form as well as the high-quality seam finish of XAIO, Rohi Stoffe GmbH has realized the woolen fabric “Sera”. With the exclusive imitation leather coating by Continental, XAIO is upgraded even more. The height-adjustable workstation from Studio Lapsdesign was developed as an add-on for the perfect way of working on a laptop.


„Design is not just how it looks and how it feels. Design is how well it works.“
Steve Jobs
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XAIO - eXperience All In One
XAIO - eXperience All In One
period 2021-2023
service Product design
construction measures New development
scope Headboard with integrated bedside table, shelf and lounge corner

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